Invincible Boats For Sale

invincible boats
are fishing machines

Designed to meet the demands of serious anglers. Under the thoughtfuk design and yacht-quality finish is hardcore performance that will complement your style, no matter who you are or how uou fish.

and catamarans

Every design decision has been made with the offshore angler in mind. In 2006, Invincible Boats teamed up with the world-renowned marine architect Michael Peters to create the Stepped Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT), a hull innovation that produced unprecedented speed and ride stability while also boasting best-in-class fuel efficiency.

For a catamaran to bear the Invincible name, it had to have speed as well as a dry, soft ride. Invincible found its solution in an exclusive patented multihull design – the source of best-in-class speed and handling, a cat without compromises.

About invincible boats


Every detail on an Invincible craft is expertly executed to be functionally ideal for fishing. Thecompany grew out of its founder’s desire to create, from the ground up, a boat that met his needs when traveling and fishing around the world.

The console and line-of-sight designs, even the angle of the footrests and diamond pattern of the non-skid deck, make the difference. Combining the legendary ride and athleticism with custom options, each owner-designed boat by Invincible is built to exacting standards while keeping the customer’s distinct wishes in mind.