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The LX boat was introduced with more integration, more fishability, more intuitiveness, more comfort, more response, more storage, more protection, and WAY more personality. The side profile of the LX exemplifies the sleek agility in rough and calm water under various speeds, water columns, and turns. With youth fishing on the rise and change in the world in technology and wildlife, this new brand will connect the dots of legacy and tradition to grow our future. The under-the-hood features and innovation debuted in the LX have reached aggressive new standards for future products to exceed in the industry, and a relentless pursuit to preserve and grow fishing.


After careful product design and development, the iKon Boats will debut its first LX21 and LX20 models in 2023. The next generation of model introductions include the VLX series editions coming in 2024. The LX revealed the patented, first-in-class, fully automated livewell control system to manage the environment and temperatures for fish protection and survivability. Partnered with Norm Latona, owner of Southeast Pond, and Chief Engineer of HCB Yachts, Mike Myers, the all new L2 livewell system became a reality.