boat that has a Blackfin Baitwell for fresh bait storage

Get to know your Blackfin Baitwell

The Allure of Fresh Bait

There’s nothing like live bait to entice fish. Live bait can be particularly effective in low-visibility situations or overfished waterways where your bait needs to stand out. Without a proper baitwell, finding a convenient place to prepare and store your bait fish—and keep them alive—can be challenging.

This is where Blackfin boats excel. The insulated baitwell, ranging from 18 to 35 gallons, circulates water and ensures your bait fish remain in optimal condition throughout your excursion. The transparent front panel lets you keep an eye on the

Building a Better Baitwell

Not content with just offering a standard feature, Blackfin baitwell design stands out with innovative features.

  • Built-in lights in blue and white
  • A large window — lets your baitwell double as an aquarium. Kids love it!
  • Lid that doubles as a cutting board for preparing chum

Like every feature on a Blackfin boat, the baitwells are designed to blend style and function seamlessly. The streamlined design adds to your boat’s aesthetic while also keeping your live bait in optimal condition.

Blackfin Baitwells

  • Blackfin 222CC: 18-gallon baitwell
  • Blackfin 232DC: 18-gallon baitwell
  • Blackfin 252CC and 252DC: 24-gallon
  • Blackfin 272CC and 272DC: 30-gallon
  • Blackfin 302CC and 302DC: 30-gallon
  • Blackfin 332CC: 35-gallon
  • Blackfin 400CC: 30-gallon

Maintenance is easy. A quick clean between fishing trips will keep your Blackfin baitwell looking and working its best.

Blackfin Boats – Celebrating 50 Legendary Years

Designed by fishermen, Blackfin craft feature classic design elements informed by the brand’s heritage while leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

Since 1973, Blackfin has been crafting innovative fishing boats with yacht-like design and solid construction. Modern conveniences like integrated storage, coolers, ample seating, and a built-in sound system make Blackfin boats the perfect recreational vessel.

With carbon fiber-reinforced hulls and top-of-the-line tech, including digital engine monitoring and the Pantographic Smart Door, Blackfin delivers fishing boats unmatched in durability, safety, and quality.

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