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Cigarette Racing Team


The very name, “Cigarette,” evokes a feeling—an energy that even those who have never felt the thrill of an open-water Cigarette ride can sense. It is sexy, fast and glamorous. It has style, panache and evokes the “ride on the wild side” reputation that “bad boys” created. It has lure, mystery, excitement. Though this aura may be something felt, it also has hard facts behind it because the Cigarette Racing Team has built its reputation, not on smoke and mirrors, but on building the finest powerboat in the world — and doing it for over 50 years. “How fast does it go?” is the typical first question—it goes very fast, but that is only the beginning of the “American Offshore Legend” story…. Let’s explore the DNA of Cigarette Racing Team.


Performance is at the core of our DNA. Yes, Cigarette is known for high speeds - but that is only the beginning. Cigarette’s are true offshore boats, built for managing rough sea conditions, bringing family and friends safely to destinations, and maximizing the potential of each running surface. Whether an inboard high-performance boat or an outboard-powered center console, each Cigarette is designed and built with the same attention to detail for optimal performance, durability and safety.

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