Fun Tips to Teach Kids About Boating

Get kids excited about boating with fun activities. Teach them safety rules, introduce them to different boats, and let them try on life jackets. Emphasize the importance of emergency response skills and respect for wildlife.

Life Jackets: How to Read the Labels

A white boat equipped with life jackets in the water

Life jackets are also known as personal flotation devices (PFDs). As with any tool or device, a life jacket has important instructions on its use and care. And because it’s a lifesaving device, labels must communicate plainly.  There’s very little wasted space on the tags, inserts, or manuals that contain the warnings and instructions. All […]

How to Get a Free Boat Safety Check from the Coast Guard

Are you a boat owner in Florida? Do you want to ensure that your boat is safe and up to code before you hit the water? If so, you’re in luck.  The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary offers free Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) to all recreational boaters in Florida. The inspection can help you identify […]

Center Consoles vs. Bowriders: A Closer Look at Versatility and Performance

Excerpt: When it comes to choosing the perfect boat, center consoles and bowriders often stand out. While both offer unique features, center consoles shine with their versatility and high-performance capabilities that cater to a wide range of activities. On the other hand, bowriders optimize the cruising experience with a forward-facing view. Understand their strengths and make an informed choice for your next boating adventure.

Hurricane Prep Checklist for Florida Boaters

A life preserver for Hurricane Prep in Florida.

This guide helps you prepare for hurricane season (June 1–Nov 30) in Florida. It covers boat-specific concerns, pre-hurricane preparation, essential supplies, and steps to take as a hurricane approaches.