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Veranda pontoons are the finest in reliability, construction, and performance. The stability and durability of the patented interlocking deck system plus the iconic luxury styling is designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Veranda pontoons are built on the most durable platform in the industry – an all-aluminum, all-welded, interlocking deck system. From this hull construction to each of the quality-engineered components, each Veranda craft meets or exceeds the strict quality and safety standards of the US Coast Guard and the American Boat & Yacht Council. The all-welded, wood-free design solves the problem of rotting decks that were pontoons’ central issue.


To offer its signature luxury and exhilarating performance to every level of boater, Veranda has seven distinct series of boats – the V One, VP Tower, VP, Vertex, Relax, Vista View, and Fish series. Each features a balance of power and style with the ample seating space needed to make lifetime memories on the water with those you love.


In 1966, the all-welded manufacturing process that is the foundation of Veranda pontoons was established by its sister company Xpress Boats in Friendship, Arkansas. Since then, for more than 55 years, three generations of the founding family have continued to grow the brand. In 2006, after successfully patenting the interlocking deck system process, Veranda began crafting its luxury pontoons. The company believes in never having to compromise between exhilarating performance and a boat design made for enjoying life’s most relaxing views.