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Epic was acquired last year by ICON. As is already well known, ICON went from a little known startup to the fourth largest manufacturer of golf cars in the UnitedStates, behind E-Z-GO, Club Car andYamaha, in less than 3 years. ICON’s rise has been well-documented in this publication and others. But like any successful business, product diversification is essential. So last yearICON founders Roy Williams andTerry Trek as went looking for another brand to add to the ICON portfolio.


Sean Heatley founded EPIC almost a decade ago, operating mainly in theTexas market. Heatley owned a retail location, and like many shops across the country he was unable to secure a “Big 3” dealership due to territory restrictions. Heatley realized that the only way to significantly expand his business was to create his own brand and to distribute that brand to other dealers.He experimented with several manufacturers before finally establishing a relationship with a manufacturing partner he felt comfortable with.


The manufacturing process, however, is only one piece of the overall puzzle.Innovation, sales, expansion and distribution are equally vital components, and this is where Heatley looked at ICON’s example. “What ICON did in the last 3 or 4 years has been amazing, so of course I was interested to see if possibilities existed to do something together,” Heatley said. He met with ICON CEO Williams and COO Trekas, and soon after a deal was reached for EPIC to become part of the ICON family.


Every EPIC car comes standard with AGM batteries, 5kw motor, 400/450 ampCurtis controller, high-back diamond stitched seats, 4-wheel disc brakes,4-wheel independent suspension, sound bar, pre-wired 12v switches and fullDOT street legal compliance including a glass windshield, 3-point restraints, side mirrors with LED turn signals, lighted license plate bracket and a backup camera. All standard equipment one very EPIC. And all at a price point that is still well below the Big 3.


2022 Epic E40L0
2022 Epic E40L
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2022 Epic E400
2022 Epic E40
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