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BOTE is the industry
leader in stand-up Paddleboards and Accessories

That feel like a boat but are minimalistic like a board. athe stylish line of Paddleboards, Inflatable Paddleboards, Kayaks, Docks, Paddle Gear and more are perfect for sup (Stand-Up-Paddling) fishing or as a complement to your leisure boat.


Imagine a lightweight board that anyone can transport and get in the water. Now, imagine it’s as steady as a boat in the water, able to hold all the gear and refreshments you want. That’s BOTE. The full line of boards and gear feature eye-catching design and superior construction for all water types and activities..


BOTE is the passion project of husband-and-wife team Magda and Corey Cooper of Destin, Florida. The champion swimmer Magda and water-loving mechanical engineer Corey tried SUP in 2008 but didn’t love the modified surfboards they had to use. In response, they worked to build a paddleboard that was as simple as a board but worked like a boat. One that could stay stable, hold drinks and gear, and was lightweight enough for anyone to handle and transport with ease – all in a stylish form factor.

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